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Our Investment Product


The Stanlib Classic Investment Range including Unit Trusts with low costs and convenient ease of use. On these investments I often make use of top performing Fund Managers from Coronation, Allan Gray, Investec, Foord, Stanlib, Nedgroup etc. to diversify the portfolio and maximize returns.

Evolve Investments

The amazing new Evolve Range of Investment Products is linked to ETFS (Exchange Traded Funds often generically known as Satrix) and other excellent funds that are available. There are no set-up fees to maximize growth and a target return of 15% needs to be achieved before any growth sharing takes place, i.e. the investor gets the first 15% without any upfront fees. The proceeds are tax-free in your hands after 5 years.

Flexible Investment Plan

The Flexible Investment Plan can be linked to multiple portfolios and is tax-free in the investor's hands after 5 years however multiple tax-free withdrawals are allowed along the way.

Retirement Annuities

Low cost, tax-deductible Retirement Annuities that can be inked to unit trusts or traditional portfolios.

Flexible, Living and Conventional Annuities

These can be structured to suit your specific needs to ensure peace of mind during your retirement years.

Investment Builder

Regular Investment Plan that can give you great returns and matures tax-free in your hands after 5 years.

Other Products

•  Group Schemes i.e. Pension/Provident and Medical Aid Schemes
•  Income Protection Plans
•  Gap Cover to dovetail with Medical Aids
•  Life, Disability and Dread Disease cover



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